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Wes Leigh Sr. and Jr. of Lincoln, Indiana comissioned Roo Man Motorsports to create this stunning 200" Front Engine Dragster.

Appealing from every angle, Wes' digger weighs a scant 1295 lbs with full fuel and driver on board.

Motorvation for Wes' FED is an all aluminum 410 cubic inch small block that served former duty in a sprint car.

Impeccable workmanship is evident throughout. This photo features the Strange Engineering Fab 9 housing.

On its first outing at ET Dragway, Wes' FED ran a footbrake 5 flat at 140 mph. The car's official debut will occur at Good Guy's Indy. Look for more on this car as FrontEngineDragsters.Org brings you the best in FED coverage.

This month's featured flyer is none other than Roly Leahy of Queensland, Australia in his immaculate FED named "Forever Young."

Roly's ride was built in 1996 by racing legend Ken Lowe. With a 392 Hemi, the car went 7.66 @ 197 mph. In this photo, Roly's car features a BBC with Crower stack injectors.

At 60 years old, Roly is still hard at it and gives the competitors fits with his killer reaction times. Roly also crews for American NT/F legend Brendan Murry.

Roly's immaculate FED graces the cover of Austalia's leading racing magazine.

The engine in Roly's FED is a 468 cubic inch Big Block Chevrolet complete with 6-71 blower and Hilborn vertical 4 hole injector.

According to Roly, Aussies like their garages big in the land of down under. Large garages, small offices, now there's a country that we'd all like to visit.

Roly's FED incorporates a new "ball style" wheelie bar with two 150lb rams that set the car back nice and softly as shown in this picture.

Topeka Kansas resident Tim Sheidegger sends in these pictures of his 144" 1961 William's brothers chassied digger. Helping him suit up and belt in is his 16 year old daughter and crewmember, Brandy.

Power for Tim's FED comes from a 1966 430 ci Olds (punched out 425). The engine is just as it was when last raced in 1971 and features a Mondello cam 595 int/595 exh 320 duration, W/30 heads, 10.75:1 pistons and a Mondello oiling system. Although Tim's engine currently sports a Holley 850 gas carb, Tim is currently replacing it with a tunnel ram and two alky fed Holley 500's.

The ignition for Tim's rail comes from a stock style distributor with a Hayes conversion kit and ignition box firing through a Mallory coil. The exhaust on Tim's ride are zoomie headers that Tim made himself.

Tim's digger puts all that Olds power to the pavement via a 4500 stall Redneck converter hooked to a Turbo 350 transmission. 33 x 15 Goodyear slicks ride on original "old school" anodized magnesium slotted mags.

Tim's favorite track is US 36 Raceway in Cameron Missouri. Tim is the proprietor of HP muffler and also works the lanes at his local track in Topeka.

Sitting in Tim's lap is his 2 year old grandson Shawn. Shawn loves to assist in fire ups and proudly cruises on Tim's lap through the lanes waving to all the onlookers proving that its never too early to enjoy digger action.

This picture, sent in by John Strom Jr. show his dad John Sr.'s new ride....Mike Spitzer's former T/AD "Hyperactive."

John took the 340 Mopar out of his B/Econo Dragster and put it in Hyperactive. The results speak for themselves with 9.2 second 1/4 mile ET's at 145 mph.

Paula "Draggin' Lady" Roth sent in this pic of her latest FED "Lil' Darlin'. Paula is seen here jerking the pizza cutters off the line at Tuscon.

Proving that it never hurts to accessorize, Paula brings fashion to the line with her matching "Lil' Darlin'" purse.

This picture taken at Island Dragway New Jersey, show George "Diz" DeSiato making a hard lanch on his way to another low 8 second run.

Black Magic Racing's Steve Cody sent in these pictures of his '66 186" Roy Fjastad Jr. Fueler

Steve's digger features a methanol injected 327, Powerglide transmission and 8 3/4 diff with 3.90 gears. At Carlsbad California (before it closed), Steve's FED went 8.30 @165. At Barona, it went high 4's in the eighth

The smile on Steve's face proves just how much fun it is to race FEDs at Barona. Steve has a 394 ci stroker that he's going to put in the car when the '27 gives up the ghost. He is also building a new car to replace the aging Fjastad.

Second generation FED pilot Kevin Johnson sent in these shots of his Davis chassied 440 Mopar Powered FED. Although Kevin claims to be a diehard Chevy man, he finds it a little hard to put all that Big Block Mopar power out to pasture.

Fresh from garages and workshops across the globe, we have these photos of member and enthusiasts rides making serious progress. Those of you who remember Frank Klatte's 360 SB Chrysler powered digger will be pleased the see the progress on the body.

The quality of sheetmetal workmanship is exceptional as detailed in this picture. Notice how finely the seams fit and how smoothly the lines flow.

California's John Lorbiecki sent in these pictures of the FED that he and his friends are building. This backhalf shot shows the progress last year.

With the back half now complete, John and friends began to concentrate on the front half.

John custom built this ultra trick billet steering box and steering arms himself. Check out the detail.

With the front half in place and sitting on all fours, John's digger sees the light of day for the first time.

Looking all business and ready for some strip burning action, John's FED is within a few all night thrashes of being ready for copious methanol consumption.

Photo by:

Oy Mates! Fresh from Down Under comes Sydney, Australia's own Geoff Blake in his BBC powered front engine dragster.

Photo by:

Geoff just finished making his licensing passes and enjoys doing long smokey side by side burnouts with his fellow FEDheads at the superb facility in Sydney. Official rumor has it that "Yank" Tom Hoover declared the track one of the top three in the world!

Photo by: Steve Thomas - Visual Velocity

Motorvation for Geoff's digger is a Hilborn injected 540 cubic inch Chevy with Dart aluminum heads, roller cam and Jesel belt drive. Geoff puts power to the pavement via a triple plate Hayes clutch connected to a 2-speed Lenco with reverser. The diff is a Mark Williams full floating 9" Ford spinning old school Ansen Sprint wheels.

Wheels up lauches and 8.2 sec/ 172 mph runs are common place thanks to the hard work of crew members Graham, Darron, Sam, Collin, and Geoff.

Photo by:

Geoff and his family have worked very hard to bring their dream to reality and the results are absolutely astonishing. Cheers to them and best of luck throughout the rest of the racing season!

Second generation Drag Racer Pat Maset and his father Dave (of "Strange Brew" FED fame") purchased this competition coupe roller in the shape you see here.

After lots of elbow grease, blood, sweat, tears,and money the Masets put together this awsome tribute to the early fuel coupes that emerged during the early sixties.

Starting with 475 cubic inches of Big Block Ford and ported '68 429 heads, the George Kelly built engine employs 12:1 Keith Black pistons on polished truck rods. A Lunati flat tappet cam and rev kit with Harlan Sharp rocker arms swings merrily beneath the twin Carter AFBs perched atop the Edelbrock Tunnel Ram manifold. A Milodon oil pan and pickup keep the Big Ford well lubed and happy.

Pat puts all that Big Block Ford power to the ground via a 1.76 Ernie Funk Powerglide spinning a Torco torque converter. A 4:33 9" Ford diff houses the Strange spool and Mosier axles that turn the 33 x 15 Mickey Thompson slicks while 17" spokes keep her going straight.

Pat Maset is a career soldier and a sergeant with the Special Operations command in Iraq. His second tour begins in October. So every time you enjoy your freedom think of him....and let freedom ring!

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